A not-for-profit organization, the CGNA Board generously volunteer their time and are elected by CGNA members. Over the years, CGNA has had a positive impact in our neighborhood in numerous ways including:

One Ward
Originally split between the 1st and 26th wards, the CGNA board was instrumental in 2012 in successfully advocating for all of CGNA to be located within the 1st ward, strengthening our voice by enabling us to work solely with one alderman.

In the Zone
CGNA created a Planning & Development (PD) Committee to act as a neighborhood liaison ensuring developers adherence to city codes and zoning.

The committee has effectively…
• Negotiated with developers to build (5) single family homes, instead of a large condo complex, which were more in keeping with the character of the neighborhood.
• Facilitated numerous public hearings offering valuable input, in one unified community voice, to our Alderman regarding zoning change requests.
• Provided input on requests for liquor licenses and special use (SU) requests such as pawn shops, tattoo parlors, etc., making sure our members’ opinions are heard.

Community Places & Spaces
Chicago Public Library /West Town Branch – Thanks to the efforts of CGNA and other neighborhood groups, the 1st floor of the historic Goldblatt’s building was renovated for the West Town Branch of the Chicago Public Library’s use.

Met West Community Garden – Our community garden was an empty lot until community members repurposed it. Creating a vibrant community space, with the support of the Alderman, Bickerdike Redevelopment Corporation and CGNA, it provides food for its member volunteers and beauty for the neighborhood.

Snowberry Park – CGNA volunteers planted and painted to spruce up a local park for everyone to enjoy.

Talcott Fine Arts and Music Academy – CGNA successfully worked with the school, the Chicago Police Department via CAPS and the community to create signs restricting the use of the school’s playlot and field to children 12 years and under, unless with parental supervision. This action empowered the police to more easily intervene, when necessary, to keep the park safe.

Public Safety
Neighborhood Watch – CGNA works with members and residents to ensure any abandoned houses are boarded and secured and that all vacant lots are fenced and grass cut as needed. CGNA also helps facilitate and promote “phone trees”, where neighbors share their phone numbers and email addresses with each for the purpose of making each other aware of any neighborhood incidents requiring calls into the police department. The more calls made the faster, often, the response.