Neighborhood Watch

Safety in Numbers

Neighborhood watchOur neighborhood watch falls between Damen and Ashland Avenues and Chicago and GrandAvenues. It’s purpose? To make our neighborhood safer. How? By getting everyone involved.

You can help by becoming a Block Leader for your block (see map below) and/or posting first hand accounts in our Facebook group at

Additionally, the Ukrainian Village Neighborhood Watch also coordinates neighborhood discussions and strategies. Their boundaries include Grand, Ashland, Division and Western streets. They may be reached at 

Not on facebook? You can choose to share your email, phone or text your concerns to the immediate neighbors on your block. Contact Judith Gethner – for more information or to sign up as a Leader for your block.

What to look for…

  • People meandering on foot and on bikes in your alley, possibly casing houses. May be wearing backpacks that contain crowbars or screwdrivers for prying open doors.
  • Bike riders with hoodies pulling on car doors.
  • People hanging out on corners, may be selling drugs.
  • People walking around properties, possibly looking to break-in.
  • Large vans or SUVs in alleys, loading electronics and other property.
  • People working underneath vehicles. They may be trying to steal exhaust parts.

As always, if you see a crime being commited, call 911 immediately.

Assigned Block Numbers  for  CGNA Neighborhood