Planning & Development

Our goals for planning and development within CGNA’s boundaries are as follows:

• Residents must be given a voice as to changes affecting the neighborhood.
• Prefer low-density with ample parking and limited multi-unit dwellings
• Opposed to large multi-unit housing, but may take exceptions, based on surrounding properties for a balanced and cohesive street-scape.

With this in mind, CGNA’s initial position reflects below.

Issue: Zoning for a standard lot (25 X 125)
CGNA Position: RS3

Issue: Zoning for all non-standard lots
CGNA Position: RS3 with RT3.5 pending review and approval

Issue: Zoning change on “For Sale” property
CGNA Position: Not allowed

Issue: New construction. Requesting a zoning change.
CGNA Position: Public hearing required.

The following requirements must be met for a requested zoning change to be considered for a public hearing.

Applicant to provide:
• Proof of property ownership or a contract to purchase
• Completed CGNA Property Data Sheet

Project Description: (please include all of the following)
• Addresses of all lots involved
• Variances or exceptions requested
• Number of units, unit descriptions and areas
• Number of parking spaces provided
• Description of landscape provided
• Description of building materials

• Site Plan  (scale 1/8” =1’-0”)
Building Elevations (Front, Side and Rear), Include outline of adjacent buildings
• Floor plans (scale ¼” =1’-0”)

• Existing Site
• Adjacent buildings each side of site
• Buildings across the street from site

*Drawings, plans, photographs and other material should be prepared for a group presentation.

Public Announcement

Property owner, Applicant or their Representative is required to:
• Coordinate public hearing date with the 1st Ward Alderman’s office and CGNA.
• Draft Community Zoning Announcement Letter and present it for review to the CGNA committee for approval.
• Mail (regular mail) CGNA approved Community Zoning Announcement Letter to property owners and registered voters within 250’ radius of the project site a minimum of (7) days prior to public hearing.
• Prominently and securely adhere 11”x17” laminated sign at front of property announcing requested zoning change, public hearing location, date and time a minimum of (7) days prior to public hearing.

CGNA to provide and distribute:
• Flyers announcing the public hearing to residents within 250’ radius of the project site at a minimum of (1) day prior to public hearing. Flyer to include zoning change request, location, date and time and ID requirements for voting.

Public Hearing
The CGNA Planning and Development Committee will facilitate the public hearing and provide the following:

• Voting ballots
•  Person at door to check voter identification – driver’s license or copy of utility bill – indicating they live within 250’ radius of the project site. Only those living within this range will be allowed to vote.
•  Within (7) days following the meeting, send notification to the Alderman summarizing the outcome of any community votes in support of or opposed to the project.

The Alderman will make the final recommendation to the City Council; however, the Alderman to notify CGNA of final recommendation before submitting to City Council.

Issue: Parking for multi-unit
CGNA Position: 1.5 on-site parking spots per unit strongly encouraged

Issue: General
CGNA Position: P&D committee to review any planned renovations, add-ons, special cases, variances, etc. that do not fall within the property/lots current zoning.